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Orthopedic Shoes in Garden City, NY (corrective Shoes)

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Orthopedic shoes are made to correct someone's gait or relieve persons in pain.
Orthopedic Shoes in Garden City, NY (corrective Shoes)

Bay Orthopedic & Rehabilitation Supply

Long Island NY Orthopedic ShoesWe make custom molded shoes, custom made shoes, sports foot orthotics, UCBL’s, toe spacers, accomodative orthotics and diabetic orthotics. We routinely treat patients with flat feet, plantar fasciitis and heel spurs, hammer toes and other foot problems.
Executive Offices 631-271-0825
E-mail: staff@bayorthopedic.com; Website: bayorthopedic.com

Bay Orthopedic & Rehabilitation Supply - Westbury

813 --A Carman Ave., Westbury NY 11590 Tel 516-333-7200